Exploring the Nevis Range and Mamores, Scotland - The Complete Guide

Want to read about the munros offline, away from the computer, in a book? One of our members has just written a book titled 'Exploring the Nevis Range and Mamores, Scotland - The Complete Guide'...

Book cover

  • A detailed section on the geological evolution of the area, including the main rock types encountered along with how and when they formed, as well as including a geological map of the walking area
  • A detailed section on the weather and climate of the Fort William area using data obtained with permission from the UK Met Office, as well as explaining how publicly available surface pressure and synoptic charts can be used as a guide for the amateur meteorologist to determine walking conditions in the mountains (including cloud base, visibility, chance of rainfall etc)
  • Brief sections on the flora and fauna of the area, as well as an account of the modern history of Ben Nevis
  • Practical advice for walking in the mountains, both in summer and winter, as well as hints and tips for mountain photography, transport and accommodation
  • A dedicated page to each Munro in the Nevis and Mamore ranges, with basic statistics such as height, pronunciation, English meaning of the Latin name, associated Munro Tops etc, accompanied by a high quality digital photograph
  • 17 walking routes described in detail, ranging from strolls through the glens to ascents of multiple Munro summits, each accompanied by a summary table, sketch map and walking profile, as well as lavishly illustrated with a selection of my own high quality digital photographs taken during both summer and winter (~100 photos in the book in total).

More details: http://www.tax-back.net/Book/book.html

Available online from waterstones.com, mereobooks.com and Amazon, as well as within the Glen Nevis Visitor Centre at the base of Ben Nevis.