Ice axes urgent !!

Ice axes urgent !!

Seth dunn

hi i'm 11 and have done a fare bit in the lake district in winter but not had much expiriance with ice axes all, i am after is a walking axe and I know a army surplus shop were they sell old ones , should i buy I old ice or save up for A new one ?

Nick Mattlock

My advice on all kit you buy for activities like this is \"If you buy cheap, you\'ll end up buying twice\". An good axe should last a long time, it\'s not as if you\'ll grow out of it! Mine is a \'Glencoe\', think it cost me about £70 about 8 years ago and it does me proud!

james mcphate

Buy a DMM cirque cost online for about £50 a real good ice axe ,, I have one


I would say first that anything is better than nothing. But also, very important it\'s not going to break, but literally, you life could depend on it! I understand that aged 11, you probably don\'t have loads of cash - but an axe will last years and years - the old reason most people buy another is becuase they loose one! Eventually, it\'s good to have two, a climbing axe and a longer, lighter walking axe. So save up, get something decent.<br />
<br />
if you get a climbing one, they will be shorter as rule. But i\'m guessing you\'re still growing! - so it will be long enough for walking with now, and in a few years, you can use that shorter one for climbing, and buy a longer one for walking - then your sorted

ian shiell

There\'s only one thing worse than not having an ice-axe in winter conditions and that\'s not knowing how to use it. Use your eyes and brain and you might never need to spend any money - you\'ve done fine up till now. Go safely big man.

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