Yet to start - advice please?

Yet to start - advice please?

Hey I've just recently seen the Munro: Mountain man series on the BBC. I've always loved mountain walking and have climbed a large number of the alps and pyranees but hardly any in the UK. How quickly do you think you could do them? I was thinking about maybe taking a year out to do them? Is there anywhere I could get advice on which routes to take and which order to do them in - and presumably a few can be linked together each day?


The main question would be, are you planning on doing it one chunk? or, say, 20 separate week long trips. Many of the munros make logical routes - although how many you can do in a day is very seasonal. There are certain areas, eg, east cairngorms - and the ones at Glen Finnan that are much much more accessible on a mountain bike. Will be interested to here how your plan work out!

I use both the new and old Munro books to plan my routes, as suggested routes can differ between these books. I\'ve often linked Munros that are not suggested in the books by studying the OS maps, sometimes entails hiking up and over mountains with tent, sleeping bag, stove and food etc but you can bag many more in one trip this way than retracing your steps on another trip. I also make use of the bike as much as possible, even if I end up pushing it up tracks coz the downhill return is so rewarding. I possible bikeable route I discovered recently was to Ben Avon, you can in fact bike to just below the Sneck having to push bike over past the ruin (where I left my bike!) - ok if you aren\'t planning to bag tops aswell. Ben Avon along with Beinn a\' Bhuird can be done easily from the sneck. I\'m sure there\'s plenty other routes out there that can be biked that I\'m yet to discover. If anyone knows of any that aren\'t mentioned in Munro books - please post on the Forum. Good luck bagging.

Peter Sloan

It\'s definately very possible, i was following someone who was doing it for charity and he was basically doing in between work, sleeping in his car over the weekend bagging Munro\'s. His plan seemed plausable but i think alot of prep work would be advisable to plan how were going to plan it and where to go at different times of the year. Good Luck though

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