A Whole New Site!

A Whole New Site!


Just launched a new version of the site.
It's been a total 100% rebuild!

Why? the old site was getting a like an old mountain hut -extra bits added on, old bits left to fall apart - it was time for a rebuild...

There are a host of new features. Here are just a few

Logs: You can now have many logs for each mountain - so, if you climb the Ben 4 times, you can log it 4 times - your stats page still counts it once

Galleries: Corbetts now have galleries too!

Forum subscribe. To make the forum more useful, you can now 'subscribe' to the topic - and get an email when people reply.

Features Missing:
Currently the galleries are missing - i'll move the photos over soon, and the routes feature is missing.
I'm in the process of rebuilding the routes feature - hopefully it'll come out better than before.

Any comments welcome - just send me an email.



Map Icon Names

On the maps page, there is a now a button to turn on names, this is of course pretty messy when zoomed out, so it's
turned off be default, but when you zoom in it's very useful in finding the correct mountain to log

Munro / Corbetts Lists

Also, click on the headings on the table for the munros/corbetts list - and the table should reorder itself - you can order by height ascending, height decending, name etc...

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