Hi guys,we have just done our first Munro on 8/8/09 and no surprise to find it was Ben Lomond. The weather was attrocious and didnt clear up all day so we were slower than originally hoped for. It took us 6 hours in total from start to finish, but we were still delighted to have completed it. We want to try another one soon but not sure which one we should go for, any suggestions?


Great! welcome to Munro bagging! Ben Lomond was almost my first, but didn't get up it... When I moved to Inverness years later the munro bagging (and this site) start properly. Still haven't made it up Ben Lomond though...


Congratulations on getting your first Munro, it must feel great to get that first one under your belt. Let's hope you get better weather on the next 283.

I am embarking on my first Munro's mid-September this year. I am so excited to be finally starting. I am driving from Bristol to Crianlarich Youth Hostel then trying to bag Ben Vorlich, Ben Van, Beinn Ime, Beinn Narnain, Beinn Bhuidhe, and Ben Lomond (with "The Cobbler" if time allows) in 5 days, before the trek home. Sometime I think my excitement is clouding how much I think I can fit in but we'll see.

If I manage a few I will let you know which are best. Where are you based in the UK?

I did my first munro last week, Ben Macdui & Cairngorm in one walk, the best walk I have ever done.


I always things the Cairngorms look a bit dull from the outsides, but some of views of the corries and glens from the 'inside' of the gorms are just great. That routes makes a great winter trip too on a nice sunny snowy day - walking or skiing round the top of the northern corries and over to MacDui.

This was my first ever visit to Cairngorms, I am hooked, shame I live in Salisbury. Can't wait to go back

Stob Dearg - Buchaille Etive Mor takes some beating with a great ridge walk to Stob na Broige. It wouldn\'t be the same without the view though!


Ben Lomond was my first Munro also, it took me about 6 hours as well but I was half way up before I found the path. I assume your in the west central area of Scotland, therefore I would stick to the Loch Lomond area. I love Ben Vane with a walk in from Loch Sloy, I would also recommend all of the Arrochar Alps.

Ben Lomond was my 3rd. Started out in the Cairngorms but began to focus on doing them from South to North. Hitting Ben Chonzie this weekend.

Alex Lockheart

I figure that I\'d start with Ben Vorlich and Stuc A\'Chroin together seeing as they are the closest to me and I could kill two birds with one stone. If all goes well I\'ll have my first two munros 15/02/2010 :) Good luck my fellow baggers.


Ben Lomond was my first Munro completed on 03/03/11 after being released from the tyrany of paid work.
Since then I have now done 101 Munros mainly during the winter months for something to do.So about a third of the way through the list now.

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