Starting out

Starting out


Hi, i done the whw last year and the ggw a few weeks ago, kina got a bug for this kind of stuff now. Im planning a wee trip this weekend, planning on taking the van, doing a munro or two on the sat, driving somewhere else close to another munro, sleeping in the van and doing it in the sun morning, can anyone recommend a few munros that would be good to do as a two day thing with nice drive from each?


Sorry forgot to say im from central belt so not redicously far away from there.<br />


I quite often stay in my panel van overnight as a way to make the trips up north affordable.It also means that I can be flexable with where to walk from if the weather forcast favours a particular area.I feel its important to always have a shower at the end of a hard sweaty day which can quite often mean a cold stream.Inside the van can be colder than a canvas tent but its all a question of layers,and the van won't move in a storm.


Hi Deni,

as far as routes go, it's good to be weather flexible.
I've done plenty of overnight trips ending sleeping in back of my citroen berlingo!

However, if you have a weekend, bothies/camping are a good option.
If I had two days, i'd often try and push for the longer walks, reserving the easy access climbs for later when I may only have one day.

One of my favourite over nighters, accessible from north or south would be heading in to Ben Alter, and staying at Culra bothy (take a tent in summer as it get's busy)
It's also a good one to take a bike to knock off the the first few kms on the 4x4 road

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