Ben More

Firth of Clyde to Strathtay

Ben More is 1174m above sea level, and is in the Firth of Clyde to Strathtay region.

Ben More Stats

Region Firth of Clyde to Strathtay
Classification Munro
Height 1174m
OS Grid Ref NN432244
OS Map (25k) 365N
OS Map (50k) 51
Lat 56.385845
Lng -4.541359

Ben More Comments And Photos

Jonathan shutt | 19/09/2015 8:52pm

"Climbed up from a nice sunny morning into a cloudy cold summit. Parking on the gravel verge just east of the farm seems fine. There's a big no parking sign in the farm."

Igor Rop | 23/04/2016 8:45am

"View from Ben More"

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