Stob Binnein

Firth of Clyde to Strathtay

Stob Binnein is 1165m above sea level, and is in the Firth of Clyde to Strathtay region.

Stob Binnein Stats

Region Firth of Clyde to Strathtay
Classification Munro
Height 1165m
OS Grid Ref NN434227
OS Map (25k) 365N
OS Map (50k) 51
Lat 56.370653
Lng -4.537109

Stob Binnein Comments And Photos

Igor Rop | 23/04/2016 6:45am


Igor Rop | 23/04/2016 8:48am

"Stob Binnein from Ben More"

Igor Rop | 23/04/2016 8:48am


Jan Grochowski | 19/11/2017 5:35pm

"Stob Binnein cairn"

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